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Spooky Tale – God Or Ghost? | Bookosmia

Spooky tale - God or ghost?


Spooky tale - God or ghost?


A dark, pitch black road led to an allegedly haunted castle.

The road was a short cut to the town. The villagers only used the road when they had to.

In the village, lived a young man named Ramu. He had lost his father in a shipwreck and his mother was critically ill. She needed a doctor that night to save her life. This meant he had to move through the cursed road to reach the town.

All the villagers stopped him from moving toward the road. But he said that his mother is more important to him. He loved his mother so much that he would do anything for her, even walking on the cursed road.

So he went to his grandma, took her blessings, visited the village temple and left on the cursed road to the town to get the doctor.

Spooky tale - God or ghost?


It was a new moon night. It was believed that the evil ghosts were more active on a new moon night.

Spooky tale - God or ghost?


He sang mantras as he walked.

After some time, he found a three-wheeler with a driver. He thought it was strange. The road was generally abandoned at that time of the night but was no time to think all this.

He boarded the three-wheeler which took him to the hospital in thirty minutes which otherwise would have taken him two hours.

In a hurry, he forgot to pay the driver and rushed to the doctor for help. He told the doctor about his sick mother. The kind doctor agreed to help.

Spooky tale - God or ghost?


They went out and found the three-wheeler wasn’t there. The doctor offered to take his car. They went by car and reached Ramu’s home. The doctor treated Ramu’s mother and she soon became well.

But Ramu still wonders was it the God or the Ghost who saved Ramu’s mother’s life that day by showing up in the three wheeler.


Spooky tale - God or ghost?



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