Maukthika Mari M.S

9 Years

53 Years

NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School


Sorry Wildlife! We Pledge To Do Better’ Poem by 9 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Read with Sara Poem by Maukthika from Chennai

Every day we see,

A lot of animals around.

But where will they go,

If we keep hunting them down.

This world is for them too.


There are a lot of trees everywhere,

But they are reducing in number,

If we plant more trees,

There will be a breeze,

Everywhere we go.


Everywhere we see,

The trees will sway.

Everywhere we go,

We will hear the wind blow.


Save wildlife!

Let’s stop hunting animals,

Let’s plant more trees.

Let’s make this world,

A happy place for animals and plants.


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