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Saanvi Daga

14 Years

53 Years

Sushila Birla Girls' School


Sleeping Under The Stars, In Jaisalmer | Poem | Bookosmia

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I spent the night sleeping under the beautiful night sky, when on a trip to Jaisalmer. 14 year old Saanvi Daga from Kolkata describes how she was in awe of the beauty of the sky at night. She is a student of Sushila Birla Girls’ School.

twinkle stars poem bookosmia

Glassy dome of sky above me

Fades into darker hues of blue

And in this great veil of darkness

Like scattered moondust in the sky

Were a thousand dazzling stars

And like molten golden diamonds

As if made from heavenly fire

Spectacle of godly beauty

Above me on this lonely night

Were thousand stars looking over me

The deafening silence of night

Brought me peace and tranquillity

A gush of the cold desert wind,

Make me pull over my blankets

My mind forgetting all worries

My eyes grow tired and heavy

And in the calm serenity

As  sweet sleep overcame me

And that calming placidity

Was my respite from this insanity

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