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Simple tips to save water| Essay by Jaasmitha, 11, Bangalore

Can you imagine life without water? It could be a reality if we don’t act now, writes 11-year-old Jaasmitha from Bangalore. Check out her art work! 

Save water save lives essay kids bookosmia

I drew this picture because water is the most important and valuable natural resource on earth. There is no life without water. Two-thirds of earth is occupied by water. Without enough water, the existence of humans as well as animals is next to impossible. 


We can conserve water in the following ways:


  1. By turning off the taps when we are brushing our teeth or when it is not in use or not needed.
  2. By using a bucket and a mug for bathing instead of showering. 
  3. By collecting rainwater and using that water for plants.
  4. By conserving water bodies like lakes and banning encroachment. 
  5.  Strictly monitoring water use and wastage in industries. 

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