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The Power of 6 | Fantasy Children’s Book

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Chloe, Trixie, Liz, Skyla, Rena and Bobby look like your average 14-year-olds.

They are anything but.

Known secretly as the ‘The Six’, these six best friends were born at the same time to their parents who are also best friends, giving them unprecedented supernatural powers. They do not reveal their powers to the outside world until they get a mysterious email threatening their loved ones.

Will the girls get to the bottom of the mystery and fight this unknown evil force or will their infighting and petty differences prove to be their bane?

This fast-paced thriller by 12-year-old Avika Patel,  our young writer at Sprouts mentorship, enhanced with stunning illustrations by Pooja Saklani, is a tale of courage, sacrifice and true friendship.

Must read for 8+


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