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SMASH-Fairy Tales With A Modern Twist | For kids, by kids

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Time’s up – for outdated fairy tales! This is 2023 and the girls of today don’t need a prince saving them anymore, thank you very much! The boys are happy whipping up desserts in the kitchen as much as they like kicking a football. Out with the stereotypes , patriarchy and inequality, say this band of young writers whose modern twists on traditional fairy tales is an eye opener for each of us wanting to break off the shackles of repression.

From 7 year olds to tweenages, children have waded through traditional fairy tales and explored how to make them relatable to our lives today.

Beautifully illustrated and designed by Pooja Saklani, this is a must read bedtime book for every reader!

We are delighted to partner with Word Munchers for this book.


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