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‘Mindful Me’ Journal | For Age 8-12 years

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Journaling is a proven method to achieve clarity and self-awareness. Through it’s thought-provoking activities and prompts, this journal ensures kids find a fun, safe and non-judgmental outlet for their emotions, working towards the best versions of themselves.

No.of pages- 70+

Age recommendation- 8-12 years

Language- English

Type- Paperback


Please note, this is a pre-order for the journal. You will receive your copy in 4-6 weeks near the launch of the journal.

A must-have journal for kids to explore and know themselves better. Crafted with love by professionals who know how difficult it is for kids to handle big emotions and cope with changes that come with growth, bundled with warm visuals and fun prompts which will ensure thinking and reflecting will be fun for young ones.

Praise from experts in the field of mental health, counselling and therapy 

” I was quite touched and impressed with the very systematic and exhaustive work you have done, bringing out all the points that are required, and more so in an activity form which always holds attention.  This is very much needed to make youngsters aware of mental health issues, and to reduce the stigma attached to it.  I am sure many people will benefit from it.”

-Dr.Ali Khwaja, Chairman of Banjara Academy, Counsellor, Columnist, Principal Faculty, Life skills coach and perpetual student

“This journal needs to be a part of every teenager/ middle school teen/preteens life journey. A one stop for their issues to come to surface and be able to navigate their own challenges with self”

Karishma Mehra, practicing psychologist and Founder, Happiness Quotient. Karishma is a practicing psychologist, Family-Therapist, Parenting- Coach, Karishma is a successful certified Happiness and Mindfulness Practitioner and coach from the Berkeley Institute of Wellness, California. She is currently associated schools like Sardar Patel Vidyalaya. Karishma is the Founder of HAPPINESS QUOTIENT in Delhi, a centre specially designed to help people become the happiest versions of themselves. Specialize in certified CBT,SFBT, Narrative Therapy.




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