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Aachi Thatha’s Kitchen-Stories & recipes from my grandparents

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 It is a great feeling for us to have run out of stock on this book. Click here to order the book on Amazon.

Food tastes better with a side of stories and a generous dollop of grandparents’ pampering.

This beautiful book transports you home, soaking in the aroma of your grandma’s cooking and snuggling in the warmth of a million stories she had to share. Beautiful illustrations by Abhishek Muthurajan bring the young author, Aaryan Vittal’s writing alive. Conversations he has with his loving grandparents, the delicious traditional Tamil recipes they cook and the timeless stories they tell.

Richly illustrated by Abhishek Muthurajan, this sweet book is an ode to childhood, the importance of
dinner table conversations and grandparents’ unconditional love for their grandkids.

This endearing book is so popular that we ran out of our print run but do pick up a copy of the endearing book Aachi Thatha’s Kitchen from Amazon now. Click to order from Amazon

Perfect gift for every child.


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