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10 Years


Science Experiment:Bringing objects to life|Story By 10 year old Sanvi from Hyderabad

What if everything you touched came to life? 10 year old Sanvi from Hyderabad brings to us an intriguing sci-fi story on this scenario.
science experiment story
Splash! A bubble burst. Let me tell you what, how and why.
My dad is a scientist. I had gone to his lab to call him for dinner. I had not found him there, that’s when I noticed something green in colour lying on the brown counter. I went near to see what it was as I was very curious. I saw a green colour liquid inside the beaker. I saw something sizzling inside and some bubbles were coming out of the liquid. Without thinking what it was I touched it and ‘splash’ the bubble burst.

I went to tell my mom that I did not find my dad in the lab. When I went there, my dad was already sitting on the chair. I asked, “Did mom call you?”

He said “Yes,” and my mom served our food. I went to the washroom and on my way back I touched a flower.

I saw the flower move and talk. I was so surprised I thought I was imagining it and ignored it. When I was eating my food, I touched the plate and it started moving. Now I knew that it was not a dream. I told my dad about it. He was as surprised as me when I found out. Then he was so excited and told me that he was trying this experiment since many months. He told me that it was because of a chemical reaction present in the liquid.

He told me that he did not know to change it back.  That night, when I slept on my bed it started moving all around my room because I had touched it! The next morning, I woke up to my dad’s voice telling me that he knew how to change me back.

I asked him how and he said, “I did some research and if you touch the bubble again you will be normal again.”  We immediately went to the lab and I touched the bubble as it came out of the liquid but this time it decreased in size and the liquid disappeared. I was also back to normal.
Sibling love - Science experiment gone wrong

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