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‘Saving The Lion’s Birthday Party’ Story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Gurgaon

Read with Sara story by yeddah Krishani from Gurgaon

Once in a jungle, there was a lion. He was the king of the jungle. One day it was his birthday. He invited giraffes, donkeys, elephants, deers and even the ants!


The lion hosted a huge feast. The feast was so yummy that everybody gobbled up everything. The lion didn’t get a bite. He tried getting a bite but all the other animals were hogging.


The lion’s hunger was rising. The animals hogged up everything that not even crumbs were left. ‘Grrrrrrr’ went the lion’s stomach. He thought “At least I can have the cake.” But the animals ate the cake too. “Oh no,” said the lion. “Now what will I eat!”


The elephants said, “Do not worry my lord, we will make a grape cake.”


The tigers said they will make a red velvet cake.


The giraffes said they will make a blueberry cake.


The deer said they will make a chocolate cake. The ants said, “We will make the yummiest delicious mango cake.”

The lion said, “Ok I will see all of my cakes tomorrow see you all tomorrow.”

The next day, the lion kept waiting and waiting but no one came.

It was afternoon when someone knocked on his door. He opened it and saw 90 ants holding one giant mango cake! The lead ant said, “Here is your cake, my lord!”

And he was so happy he insisted that the ants join him! It was a lovely cake. Tasty, delicious and soft. It was stuffed with meat. The lion loved it.


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