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Save trees to save ourselves | Essay

save trees essay bookosmia

How humans are killing themselves

There are about 3.4 trillion trees in the world.We are cutting down nearly 2.47 million trees per day, world wide. Plants produce oxygen from the carbon dioxide we breathe out. That means, when we cut down trees, we are killing the source of our oxygen.

cut trees essay bookosmia

It is not good to cut down trees but it’s hard to survive without at least cutting down 1 tree. For example, we need wood for doors, windows and more. We can’t do without them, there is a high chance of thieves and disease spreading mosquitoes entering your house. So, what’s the way to cut down the trees and save them at the same time?

It’s easy. When you cut down a tree, just plant at least 5 to 6 trees. If everyone does this, we will have a good and healthy environment in less time. Think about it, why should we kill them. We can save ourselves and the environment by planting at least 10 to 20 plants a year. Try to save our environment!

Save nature - Plant more trees, the clock is ticking

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