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Save Tigers – Teach Kids About Tigers, Not Angels

Tigers, our beautiful big cats, will soon go extinct if the kids of today are not taught about them, writes 12-year-old Krisha Nijhawan from Delhi.


Save tigers - Teach kids about tigers, not angels

Tigers are the king
Thats all what we know
Not a colossal box of gold
Not a propitious crop which often you could sow

In the forest do they reside
But in the future they may only exist,
In the fantasy of a child

They are the evidence of our past
But today their population doesn’t apparently surpass

Teach about tigers, not angels,
Tigers are better than angels even though they dont have wings
Teach children how to save them before they go extinct

Saving tigers is ardous I know
But try, give it a go

So let us bring our train of thought onto tigers before they die
Everyone should give it try.

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