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Save The Tiger | Essay by Nandini, 12, Delhi

Tiger tiger burning bright…but for how long? 12-year-old Nandini from Delhi has a strong message in support of tiger conservation. 

Bengal Tiger - A tale from the Sundarbans forest

Our nation’s pride is in danger. Can you guess which animal I am writing about? Yes, tiger! Tigers are majestic, striped animals and our national animal. They are one of the most royal looking animals with a ferocious roar. 


Although they are feared the most in the animal kingdom, they are hunted for their fangs, skin and claws which are used for making bracelets, coats, carpets and rugs. Some of them are held captive in cages and other harsh environments. They are fed very less and get beaten up as well. 


People always complain about tigers moving away from the jungle and into human settlements. Have you wondered why this is? The fault is not with the tiger but with us. The forest is the natural habitat of the tiger but due to deforestation, they have lost their homes. Where else will they go? 


With no food and water, they venture out and unfortunately get captured by hunters who sell them to circuses. Imagine the plight of this creature who, instead of ruling the jungle, has to sleep in dirty cages and entertain people in closed tents everyday? 


Due to these reasons, the population of tigers has decreased. In 1972, India started the Project Tiger programme after being alarmed by the few tigers left. From 1,411 tigers in 1972 to 2,967 in 2018 to 3,167 in 2022, Project Tiger has been successful in avoiding extinction of this species. But we still have to be careful of deforestation, forest fires and poaching which could be a threat to them. 


So what can we do? The solution is in our hands.  Firstly, the government should make stricter laws against hunting. Secondly, more trees should be planted as they are a significant part of a tiger’s habitat. Thirdly, we should also spread awareness about tigers through campaigns and show their importance with the help of posters and articles.  Furthermore, tiger reserves and national parks should receive more attention so they can take better care of the animals. 


Finally, we should not buy nor allow selling of products made out of tiger fur. Let us shoot our nation’s pride – our tigers – with our cameras and not with guns. Let’s all make an uproar to save the roar! 

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