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Kiaan Raj Nathan

7 Years

53 Years

Modern High School for Girls


#SaraReads: Story- Mystery of the missing bday candies

#Sara reads stories for kids by young writers Kiaan

It was my friend Aditya’s birthday in the month of December. He was very  excited and was early for school. We sang the birthday song and Aditya  announced that he was going to distribute chocolates.


Suddenly he discovered that the chocolates that he kept under his desk were  missing. When I saw Aditya heartbroken, I went to console him. He asked me if I could help him.


During the break I found some chocolate wrappers between two tables. So I  thought to myself that one of our classmates might have eaten it . We thought for some time and wondered who could be the culprit.


Later on I found that there were more chocolate wrappers lying on the ground. I decided to follow the trail. Near a window, I saw my greedy classmate with  chocolate all over his mouth.


Later on I told Aditya about the culprit. There was no point of fighting because  the culprit had gobbled up the chocolates. I had some money in my pocket and decided to buy some chocolates for Aditya.

3 Responses

  1. That’s a noble thought and generous action by the classmate. Well written Kiaan.
    Ranjani S

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