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#SaraReads: Poem- The Phoenix

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The Phoenix

O’ be thy great Phoenix

Who was once created by thee,

Who granted him

The gift of immortality.


He flies in the sky

Along with the moon and the stars,

Then he sweeps down below

And sees the bright flowers.


For those who seek the phoenix 

Here and there,

Wrong must be they

For we say beware.


It’s fiery eyes glowing

As it sings it’s great songs,

But to its immortal clan

It greatly belongs.


For those who search for it

They will be a reminder of your doom,

For it pounces on you

Just as it suddenly looms.


For those who make it as a pet

Beware forswear,

For its thoughts may have been muddled

But you cannot truly swear.


Farewell, great phoenix 

Thy burst into flames,

But reborn again

To play its great games.

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