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#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Sarareads stories from kids #gratitudeduringCovid

Uncertainty is ruling our emotions, economy and health now!!
And in these uncertain times, I feel concerned for everyone. Not only the well-being of the entire world, but also the financial impact it is having on so many people around the world. I realize that and feel grateful for not having to worry about our basic needs. My heart goes out to the thousands of migrants walking long distances to their villages, so that they can be with their families.

‘Pandemic’ was only a word with a definition we had studied in social sciences. Never in my wildest dream, I thought we would all throb in its clutch. I am frightened when I look at the whooping numbers in the news. I am terrified about the future, looking at our gargantuan population.The infection is accelerating, death toll rising by each day, the pandemic is in full swing!

However, amid this chaos and terror, I do feel a sense of gratitude. When I look at the actions which are being taken by the government and our dedicated health professionals. I marvel at the courage of our healthcare professionals, delivery boys, grocery store owners, policemen and chemists, who in the midst of this worldwide health crisis are helping us to go on, putting their lives at risk. The doctors and nurses treating the Coronavirus patients are the global heroes, and they are invaluable and precious to our society .

During this time, I am feeling a plethora of emotions. The extrovert in me cannot stand this isolation anymore and wants go out door and meet my friends. I feel like a caged bird dying to come out. Even though I video
call my friends, but I miss proximity and physical touch of my friends.
As they say, happiness and sadness can both co exist, I do have my share of joy in these sad times too. Helping my mom in the household chores gives me a sense of satisfaction. I feel as if I am contributing to the need of the hour, I my own way. I am also enjoying the freedom of choosing my daily routine . Before the pandemic, I used to have my plate full with classes and
school . I am reading a lot now, painting, listening to various genres of music.

Another wonderful feeling which prevails in this time is the warm nearness of my family . The outbreak of this deadly disease has no doubt distanced me from my friends but has made my bond stronger with my family. This is a community outbreak which can be solved only with collective responsibilities. Apart from being clean and hygienic, we need to be specially concerned about our elderly population who are most vulnerable. We also need to extend our hands to the poor and needy , who are most helpless. And it is a mutual responsibility of the people and the government. We will not be able to control the corona virus spread unless every person becomes engaged and follows the precautions. In these trying times what I feel deeply is, there is no border or boundary. All of us across the globe need to fight this disease together, so that it can no more affect our health and economy of the world.

There is a Sanskrit phrase ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which means the world is one. This lethal virus with all it’ s virility has given us an insightful realization that we all are connected.

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