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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: My Backup Plan

#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid

An expression or simply a note of thanks,

That’s where the meaning of gratitude would begin and end for me!

Until I realized that my whole existence 

Was not enough to thank the almighty.


Thank you for keeping me healthy as a horse,

As only on looking down the ladder,

Do I realize how fortunate I am.

Looking at the people who are poor and handicapped ,I remorse.


Some give reluctantly, some give little,

But you are an exception!

When you give, you give generously.

From the air we breathe, to the water we drink

When you give, it is in abundance and don’t even keep an account of it.


 I cannot thank you enough God for being my shield of protection

Your unconditional affection.

And the list can go on and on…

My family and friends are your reflections on earth.

And when you give there can be no dearth!


From the sweet nothings to all the things I desire,

You fulfill all my wishes and make me wish for more.

Until I’m an adult, after my parents, you’re my back up plan.

But for the time being I thank you for who I am!

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