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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Board games win over digital games

#Sarareads GratitudeDuringCovid Kevin

Board games win over digital games 

The novel Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in the world, and it is the hot topic of every news channel. But it saddens me that they have only shown the fright of people everywhere in the world. To be honest, I am also afraid that if we go out and if we get the Corona virus, it will travel quickly to other people by contact and we all know that the Corona virus/COVID-19 can’t be cured quickly. Despite all of this, there is still hope in my heart. Scientists are working day and night to come out with a vaccine to prevent the spread. I am sure their effort will soon show result.

The virus has led to a lockdown for the whole country and we are stuck at home for 24 hours a day. It is very dispiriting that we cannot go out and cannot meet our friends. The days feel so cheerless. It gets so frustrating at times, that you just feel like taking a paper and rip it into thousand pieces. However, there’s beautiful bonding which is happening because at home as we get to spend so much quality time with our beloved family members. The cheerless glooms  are suddenly shattered with laughter.

Complete lockdown is one of the bravest decisions of our Prime Minister. The outbreak of this virus was seen 3 months ago in our country but it still feels like an eternity has passed .Sometimes I just sit on my bed, stare at the wall and blank out for a few hours. And when I come back to my senses I feel so wasted. Nonetheless, despite the monotony within the confinement, we still have the feeling of freedom to go outside in our balconies, breathe in fresh air like never with so less pollution.

Now the new norm of these online classes makes me hate school. I absolutely despise these classes, where I get to meet my friend through the screens. I miss those online triggers. However, I love the screen sharing technique. I feel it is highly effective: The advent of screen sharing technology has revolutionized the world of online learning / teaching. It has paved the way for seamless exchange of information between teachers and students, regardless of their location.

To me the most important learning in this pandemic time, is the importance of staying hygienic. We can stay away from this deadly virus by washing our hands and not touching our face. One more thing which I feel is a good option is to shift to board games during this quarantined period. Unlike our digital games, which I generally die for, board games make us more interactive and connected with our family members.  We should have stocked up more board games at home.

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