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Sandwiches-Simple, Tasty, Healthy | Blog by Sriakshay, 10, Bangalore

What should we eat that’s healthy yet tasty? 10-year-old Sriakshay Kalagarla, a Bookosmian from Bangalore writes about his favourite snack- sandwiches!

Nutrition Week - Simple, tasty, healthy sandwiches

I like sandwiches because they are very delicious!

They are healthy and contain various health benefits. There are many types of sandwiches such as tuna sandwich, egg sandwich, paneer sandwich and vegetable sandwich, grilled sandwich, bacon, bagel, chicken sandwich, beans on toast etc.

Bread made out of wheat is healthy as compared to maida-made. You can even eat different types of bread such as milk bread, ciabatta, focaccia, cornbread, baguette, brioche etc.

We can eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. It’s easy to cook and eat. And when the right bread and ingredients are used, they are healthy too!


Nutrition Week - Simple, tasty, healthy sandwiches


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