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10 Years

Creek Planet School


Rise of Steel Guardian| Story by Nikhil ,10, Hyderabad

Nikhil Patakamuri, a 10-year-old from Hyderabad, gears up the imagination by writing a story of a superhero.

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Jack, a young boy, has always been intrigued by machines. For Jake, the city of Metropia had always been a source of fascination. He grew up idolising superheroes and fantasizing about becoming one. His mother’s death served as a wake-up call, prompting him to pursue his dream. Jake was no ordinary kid; he was a physical combat prodigy and a mechanical engineering genius. 


He began his journey by transforming his garage into a training and workshop space. Jake began his days early, putting in hours of boxing, martial arts, and gymnastics practise. He spent his nights in the garage, designing and building his weapons. Jake managed to create his first weapon, a pair of shockwave-generating gloves, after a year of rigorous training and hard work. They were dubbed ‘Quake Gloves’ by him. 


Jake’s first real challenge came when a gang of thugs terrorised his neighbourhood. He decided to take matters into his own hands, armed with his Quake Gloves. He took them out one by one, using his combat skills and the Quake Gloves’ power. The news of a masked vigilante quickly spread throughout the city. Jake, on the other hand, was dissatisfied. He realised he needed to do more to become a true superhero. 


He began work on a new project, a suit made of a high-tech alloy. Months of hard work resulted in the creation of a suit that was both strong and flexible. He dubbed it the ‘Steel Guardian’ alluding to his role as Metropia’s protector. Jake began to take on greater challenges with his new suit. He faced down violent gangs, put an end to robberies, and even rescued people from burning buildings.


Jake faced numerous challenges despite his successes. The suit was far from perfect; it required constant repairs and enhancements. Furthermore, he had to conceal his identity. Jake was put to the ultimate test when a terrorist group threatened to bomb Metropia. He used his mechanical skills to defuse the bombs and save the city. Jake’s status as a true superhero was cemented by this event. The people of Metropia began to refer to him as the ‘Steel Guardian’ the protector of their city.

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