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Rick Riordan : My favourite author | Poem by Vachi, 11, Delhi 

Who is your favourite author? 11-year-old Vachi from Delhi pens a poem about hers- Rick Riordan. 

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Rick Riordan : My favourite author 

An author is one who pours their ideas and creativity,

Into poems,stories, novels to the best of their ability.

My favourite author is Rick Riordan.

Why? His books are a perfect blend of myth and modern.

His books include comedy, horror and thrillers,

Much about suspense, less about spoilers.

Greek gods and goddesses are his primary game,

And the novels bring him pleasure and fame.

Percy, Annabeth, Zeus Poseidon and Hades,

The climax so bright, I’ve got to wear shades!

The secrets, stories, mysteries await,

And so do destiny and fate.

To describe Rick Riordan’s books, 

Interesting and addictive

According to me, are the two perfect adjectives.

Read it now!

And get ready to go wow!



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