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‘Remembering How We Became India’ Poem by 12 year old Bookosmian from Noida

Read with Sara Poem by Pritika Bhatt

Once upon a time,
There was a country to enshrine.

Rich in goods and all kinds of treasure,
The people there resided with immense pleasure.

Cinnamon, diamonds and rubies,
The place flourished and was full of trees.

Also known as the golden hen,
This country was full of great men.

Then to annihilate came the Britishers,
Please aid us, pleaded to God, the dwellers.

They left the country in ruins and in an
utterly horrible state,
Almost everyone had tears, left to suffer their fate.

All supplies like food and water were scarce and less,
Everything was abandoned in a mess.

But give up, the country did not.

Developed and once again started to grow,
All worked together. There was no foe.

Now today the country is so much advanced and developed,
Even tackling calamities like tsunami and flood.

Let’s make this country of India even more amiable,
To feel the blessings and wishes that were prayed for.


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