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Let’s go to grandma!| Essay by 12 year old from Mohali

Read this visual and exciting account by 12 year old  Sara Munjal from Mohali, visiting her Nani’s (maternal grandmother’s) place. Rings a bell for so many of us. Read only at Bookosmia.

read with Sara story of train journey by kids Bookosmia

Our paternal grandmother lives with us and maternal grandmother lives in Agra. Every year we go to visit my paternal grandmother.

There, we have many relatives so we enjoy a lot. But we go there only for a  week. We go by train. We go there on Sunday and return the next Sunday.

This time we got ready, took our bags and bid goodbye to my paternal  grandmother. As we live in a 10 floor building, we have a lift. We entered it and pressed the button ‘GROUND Floor’. But the lift stopped on the fourth floor.  What an adventurous start to our trip!

Finally after 5 to 10 minutes we were taken out. Then we reached the bus  station, took a bus and reached the Ambala station as we had a train from  Ambala to Agra. We asked the railway office about the train and came to know that our train is delayed by 30 minutes. So we waited. After 20 minutes, again an announcement was made that our train will arrive after another hour. We  were very upset but unfortunately had no choice, so we had to wait for the  train to arrive and then finally our wait ended and we boarded the train  compartment.

There were some people coming and going, a little bit of crowd in between but a lot on the stations. We were carrying our food also, so we had it. In between some vendors also came with cold drinks, biscuits and many other things.

Then finally we reached our destination, Agra in the evening. We were very tired. I felt like sleeping but my mother asked me to have a bath. So I had to obey my mother and go. I greeted everyone nicely, had cold drinks, chips and many other things and had fun on the day.

I have a cousin there, of exactly my age and we always play together. We always get 10 rupees daily from our maternal grand father. So we bought things like cookies, chocolates, whatever we wanted. We also had fun when we went to visit our relatives.

I had a lot of fun in everything, everybody greeted us very nicely and served us with whatever best they can. We enjoyed our vacation a lot. My mother’s brother always used to bring ice cream or some sweet dish for us.

I am very fond of listening to stories. My cousin and I are in different states and different schools. We had different books with different chapters so I used to read his books. My younger cousin has tuitions in the morning, so at that time me and my elder cousin used to play games on my mother and aunt’s phone and enjoy a lot.

Then finally Saturday came and we knew that we were going home the next day. I was quite sad but happy to have enjoyed so much. My most memorable thing is that my maternal grandfather always buys things like sweets when we are going so he bought many sweets. Then we headed from Agra and again we had to go through the train journey.

After we reached home in the evening, we told everything about our  experience to our paternal grandmother. Each time we come from there, we have a bundle of sweets and gifts and I am most excited to open them as early as possible.


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