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‘If I Were An Engineer’ Essay by 13 year old Bookosmian from Surat

Read with Sara If I was an engineer Bookosmia

If I were an engineer, I would be wearing a long, white lab coat with M .E.O written on it.

M.E.O is the full form of the company I am planning to create- Moksh’s Engineering Organization. I would also be wearing those weird lightweight plastic glasses that people often wear in labs. 


                        If I were an engineer, would work for the environment. I would make boats with magnets that would calibrate with the earth’s magnetic field and  help them propel from one location to another. Think of how much the  environment will benefit since no fossil fuels will be burnt!


                         Next,  I would make a device that would absorb greenhouse gases and convert it into oxygen. This device can be used in hospitals for patients on  ventilators who require oxygen to breathe. 


                          I would also make a spaceship that would be protected against radiation as the biggest challenge in covering planetary distances is radiation. My idea is to put in a machine that vibrates in a loop and produces electricity which will give it enough power to travel in outer space. 


So this in short, is what I would do, if I become an engineer. 



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