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Rainy season is my favorite season | Essay by 8 year old Hrishita from Kolkata

What’s your favourite season? For 8 year old Hrishita from Kolkata, its the rains and she has a special reason to like it too! Read her essay.

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The rainy season in my city starts from the month of June and goes on till August. When it rains, the sky looks overcast and an army of dark grey clouds march across the sky. The leaves glisten like emeralds and the thunder roars like a hungry lion. The raindrops resemble an angel’s tears.
I like to hear the pitter patter sound of raindrops on my windowpane. My sister and I love to splash in the puddles. Mother makes cheesy onion rings during monsoons. It is cold and windy during the monsoon season so I drink warm milk in the evenings. When I look out of the window, it looks like it will storm. Here in the city, it floods very less unlike the low laying village areas. The ground gets muddy and water flows wildly.
I like to float paper boats. One more reason to like the rainy season is that I was born in the rainy season.

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