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Pollution needs a solution | Poem by 7 year old from Jabalpur

7 year old Avyan Singh from Jabalpur wants us to think about what we are doing to fix the pollution problem on our planet. Tell us your solution!

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Pollution needs a solution
Pollution here, pollution there,
Pollution is everywhere.
Fifty years ago,
This planet wasn’t such a mess,
Look at the catastrophe we have done
To our very lovely nest.
People suffering everywhere,
Due to the impure air,
Our planet’s eyes have started to water,
As the air is getting hotter and hotter.
Oceans,seas,rivers,lakes are all becoming garbage intakes,
Here our planet starts to suffocate because of the amount of garbage it takes.
Loud sounds blaring everywhere,
Highway, Railways, even here.
Submarine sonars making waves of sounds,
beaching whales and dolphins in their rounds.
Light has been known to be the greatest invention,
but excess light can create wildlife tensions.
Artificial lighting driving baby turtles away from their way,
confusing and killing them when they are a thousand feet from the bay.
Soil getting toxified due to landfills,
DDT thinning bald eagle eggshells
causing them to crack and kill.
Pollution, pollution how dangerous you are,
you glide around the world like a menacing scar.
Please, let’s stop this troublesome pollution.
Let’s make a pledge to find a solution.
If we do this ever so quickly,
Our planet will start to live with us in great harmony.

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