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Raahini Bajaj

13 Years

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#SaraReads: Poem- Seasons

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Poem: Seasons

As the first rays of light

Reflect upon the azure sky,

The lush green grass shines bright

In the showers of July.


Fields filled with fragrant flowers

And orchards filled with juicy fruit, 

Sit among the drab grey towers 

As the birds all around hoot.


Schools of fish gliding through seas

Clear blue waters stretching to the horizon, 

Waves crashing the sand in the gentle breeze 

And sand castles sitting in the sun.


Snow – capped mountains in the north  

With biting cold air swirling around , 

Bedazzling ice sculptures are brought forth 

As fresh snow powders the ground.


Crisp leaves falling from the trees 

Pleasant winds stirring the grass, 

Honey collected straight from bees 

And insects laying on the glass.


The beauty of the world 

Displaying all its powers,

As the seasons have emerged

And we watch from elevated towers.

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