Aahana Bharadwaj

10 Years

Ekya School, JP Nagar


Please don’t come to the moon | Story by Aahana, 10, Bangalore

Could there be anyone not wanting us landing on the moon? 10-year-old Aahana tells a creative story with her own beautiful illustrations.

moon alien story kids Bookosmia

Hello! My name is Aahana, and I am about to get selected to go to the moon!!

I got selected because I had studied about the moon. When I got selected I was very excited to get to go to the moon. The moon looked amazing and cool.

When I went on a mountain I saw something green moving, so I went down to meet it. When I went down I saw a green, small, cute little creature. I got scared and started running, but after some time I got to know that it was harmless.

alien1 story kids Aahana

I asked what its name was. It said that its name was Lily.

Lily said that we have to stop coming to the moon. I asked her why??? Lily said that she was an alien and noone should know about her.

I was surprised but I agreed and went down to Earth,as soon as I arrived I told everyone everything except for the alien.

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