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12 Years

Plants- Our Heart And Soul | Bookosmia

Plants- Our heart and soul
Plants are our heart and soul you know,
Just a seed you have to sow,
Water it daily, take care of it and it will grow.
Plants- Our heart and soul
Growing a tree takes very little from you,
And once it grows, its service to you is never due.
And you will be surprised to know what all it provides, Oxygen, food, shelter from all its sides.
And also, the greenery brings a sense of calmness tranquillity to the mind,
Look closely and you will find,
A whole bunch of fauna and flora,
Resting under the tree’s peaceful aura.
Plants- Our heart and soul

So, think my friends,
Because of all the new trends,
Of building fancy hotels and houses,
We are cutting millions of trees,
Consequently, all living organisms and reproduction will start to cease.

Thus, by unnecessarily cutting down trees,
We are doing nothing more than trying to end the human race.


Plants- Our heart and soul


And if that wouldn’t happen,
There would certainly come a time when there wouldn’t be a single place
That pollution won’t embrace.
So, let’s take an oath,
To reduce the growth,
Of pollution.
And plant more trees,
As they are our heart, lungs and soul,
And spreading greenery should be our goal!


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