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O Kolkata! Let’s get you a splash of colour | Essay | Bookosmia

If you could change the look of your city, what would it be? 9 year old Saachi Raja has some great suggestions for her beloved Kolkata.
Kolkata essay Bookosmia

Kolkata is a wonderful city. But the part of Kolkata I live in (north Kolkata), the buildings are shabby and dingy.

Mostly the buildings have revolting colours such as vomit green, lemon yellow, oak brown and flesh peach. Only a few buildings are at least a decent white! This is the reason I feel disgusted looking at these buildings. I would prefer my city to have better colours, such as white and a different shade of yellow. I think every building should look showy and eye- catching, but unique in their own way.

As per the Chief Minister’s diktat, the city must follow the colour scheme of white and blue. So, these are the colors I see as I drive around the city.

I would want my city to be more vibrant and soothing, so that I could be proud of my Kolkata.

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