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New Year Resolutions For The Win!| Story by Sahana,13,Bangalore

Here’s 13 year Sahana, a young writer from Bangalore with an absolutely rib tickling piece about new year resolutions, in this story.

Read with Sara story by Sahana Sriram

Ah! A new year is here. That not only means a new beginning but it’s also another year that’s added to your birthday! There is one thing though, that really interests me. New year resolutions! Yeah, it may seem ordinary but to me, it isn’t. I’ll tell you why.

So, I have this friend. Her name is Nidhi. She is one of a kind, dare I say. She is a bubbly person. All this apart, she has one-of-a-kind promises and especially, resolutions.

There was this one year when she told me her new year’s resolution, and I jumped in surprise. She said that she was going to climb Mount Everest!

“You’re kidding, right?” I said. “No, why would I? I’ve always wanted to. It’s just that, this is the year I get a chance. They are finally allowing 15-year-olds to climb it. I couldn’t miss this chance. So, I grabbed it.”

“Grabbed it? What is this a lollipop in your brother’s hand that you can grab?! This is the Mount Everest, for heaven’s sake. You need years of training for that. There are people who have trained for years but still are unsure whether they can handle the extreme weather. And you just… Ugh!” I said.

“Why are you overreacting? I mean, it’s high, alright, but I wouldn’t call it harsh..” She said confidently.

Some might call her brave and others might even call her crazy. “It’s just a ferris wheel. God, people these days!” she said and walked away.

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