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“Fasting during Navratri- Can kids do it?” answers Yashwi,10, Mohali

Here is a fun read by 10 year old Yashwi from Mohali on the trials and tribulations of keeping fast as a kid,  during Navratri :)

Fasting during Navratri Festival with Sara Bookosmia
This festival season reminds me of Navratri 2019. That is when I kept fasts for the very first time!
My fasting had to start in 3 days and that is all I could think about. I told my mum and guess what? She agreed! I hurried to my dad, told him to get me food that can be eaten while fasting.
He asked me, “Why?  Are you fasting?”
” Yeah,” I replied.
He went to the shop and brought yum-yum food! I was eagerly waiting for  Navratri!
It was the evening before Navratri. I had my dinner way before my regular time and slept at 7:00 pm!
Finally, the day came!  It was my first fast!  I was hungry and woke up even  before 6! I went to my parents’ room and woke mum up. In a sleepy way, I told  her that I was hungry. My mom gave me chips (fast-friendly). I almost forgot that it was my fast!  She smiled at me and went back to her room. I went to mine too. I jumped on my bed but couldn’t fall asleep… I just woke up and read a book. It was 7:00 and my mom and dad woke up .
They asked me, “Woke up so early?”
“Nah, just 45 mins ago,” I replied.
Mom asked me if I were hungry. I replied no.
Rest of my fast went eating more fast- friendly food and so as day 2.
Day 3
I woke up and asked mom to give more chips to me! She gave me and continued her chores. I woke up really late : at 8:45! I then read my book. It was 10 am and my friend called me to play at her house. My mom permitted me  and I went there. Her mom made sandwiches and gave two to me also. I forgot about my fast. I ate them without realizing!
After coming home, I forgot that I had eaten sandwiches. My mom gave me fast- friendly breakfast on the dining table. I started crying. Mom came there and asked me why I was crying.
“Mom, I broke my fast!” I answered crying.
Mom asked me, “How? You have eaten fast -friendly food only since 3days..”
I told her what had happened.
Mom said, “Dont worry and stop crying. You have broken your fast already, now we can do nothing. Can we?  Stop crying and wash your face. I will give you fast friendly food if you’d like to continue till Ashtmi.”
I said that I would. I continued my fasts.
It was Ashtmi, I was called for Kanjak. The next day, It was Navmi , we called for kanjak that day… I broke my fast!
 I enjoyed a lot. But I learnt a lesson that fasts aren’t for kids!!!


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