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Nature- The Natural Healer by 13 year old R Divyasri from Chennai

Nature Essay read with Sara for kids by kids Bookosmia
Our lives, as humans, are filled up with lots of pain, happiness, struggles , sacrifices, commitments, love, affection and more. Though these are  constantly changing and not permanent but this makes us stronger to face  any kind of situation.
COVID – 19 is such a situation, in which we are facing many struggles but it is something different. This pandemic situation totally changed our lifestyle. The word ‘quarantine’ has became familiar to all of us. Due to this quarantine, many lost their livelihoods and are struggling to run their family.
We as humans, have obliterated the word humanity and become selfish. Many  have lost their lives, family members and their loved ones. Many people are starving for food and some organizations are helping them.
But we all should know that no one is safe until everyone is safe.  This hard situation has demonstrated the interconnected nature of the world. But we all should be thankful for the bad things in life . They open our eyes to see the good things.
What are the good things we face now?
You may ask me, “Many are losing their lives and struggling to save their life. Is this a good thing for you?” Obviously not, we are losing many lives and that is tragic.
But nature is healing itself. Isn’t it good?  How nature heals itself?
Nature has an ability to heal itself. In this COVID – 19 pandemic situation, one prominent change has been the drastic improvement in the environment.
Air pollution is one of the main issues related to our environment. But now due to this lockdown, human activities have been reduced. Air pollution is caused due to vehicular emissions. During the lockdown, there was a large reduction  in the number of vehicles on the road. Due to this emissions, ozone layer gets depleted. Ozone layer is the essential layer in our atmosphere. It protects us from the harmful UV rays.
Researchers has found that ozone layer is healing itself in a increased rate of 3% in this year.
Similarly river water quality of rivers has drastically improved. Due to the fact that many industries and companies were closed due to the lockdown , water sources are not polluted by any toxic waste from the industries so the water sources are looking cleaner.
We have to accept the law that everything in the nature has an ability to heal itself and only needs time!
So we have to balance our gains and losses in this pandemic situation. We  must accept finite disappointment but we must never lose infinite hope. So  let’s stay together in our soul and overcome this situation by helping each other.


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