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Mystery of the Black Pyramid- Read story with Sara #SaraReads

Read with Sara stories for kids by kids Logesh Chennai Bookosmia

Logesh’s family loved taking desert safari trips. This time, they were in Egypt. They made it a point to explore isolated parts of the desert and camp  overnight. After breakfast, Logesh who was playing in the sand screamed in pain. His parents came running to check on him. His father saw his foot  bleeding. Taking a closer look, it appeared that a sharp object had poked his foot. But there was only sand everywhere!


Logesh was curious to know what had poked his leg so he went back to the  same place again. He noticed a sharp object underneath the sand. It was too  tightly lodged in. He ran to the tent and brought his parents and the three of  them started to clear the sand around the object. Surprise! It wasn’t an object  they had expected. It was actually a tunnel!


His father rang the archaeological department. Five officials arrived in the  evening. With the help of excavation machines, the archaeologists discovered  a huge  pyramid, however they couldn’t find the entrance.


Next day morning, a huge crowd gathered to see the pyramid. A thief in the  crowd saw a shining object inside the tunnel. While taking a closer look, he  slipped and fell into a ditch which took him inside the pyramid. He saw gold  glittering on all sides. Overwhelmed with joy, he went near and realized it was an illusion. He saw a gold coffin. He took an axe and tried hard to open the  coffin, but was unsuccessful. He kicked it in frustration and it opened!
To everyone’s surprise, the pyramid turned black!


The next day, the government allowed a few archaeologists to go inside the  pyramid. None of them returned for a long time. After waiting for a week, the  Government sealed the pyramid and prohibited entry into it. Logesh went back home from the holiday but could not forget about the  pyramid. He aspired to become an archaeologist to gain entry into the  pyramid.

Twenty years later, he made his dream come true and managed to get special  permission from the government to research on the mystery pyramid. He  remembered the tunnel from his childhood. As he reached the golden coffin, a  voice thundered, asking him to stop. It was a gigantic king and he had a big  sword in his hand. “You! It was you who almost let humans inside my pyramid  20 years ago and you are back!” he thundered.

Logesh was stumped.The king continued.“I ruled this empire as a kind king in  the 16th century. Traitors betrayed and killed me and my family with poison  and buried us here. This pyramid is my fort now. I will not let any of you do  anymore damage to my family.”

Logesh’s feelings changed from fear to sympathy. The king had gone through  a tough life. Logesh gently explained to the king how many centuries had  passed since then. Now no one wanted to fight or take his riches.

The King realized he was wrong and felt sorry for his actions. The illusionary  gold in the pyramid turned into real which the King rewarded to Logesh for his  braveness and kindness towards others. The King agreed to open up the  ‘illusionary’ pyramid for the people and promised not to judge anyone harshly again. The black pyramid then became a major tourist attraction and was  called the ‘pride of Egypt.’

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  1. I really love this story logesh , you are really very talented , i am eagarly waitting for part two 😄😊👏👏👏👏👏

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