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‘My wish for Durga Puja, next year’ by 10 year old Prabhgeet from Kolkata

Durga Pooja procession festivals with Sara Bookosmia

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! With Durga  Pooja and Dusshera celebrations all across the country coming to an end, here is the perfect note to hope for what next year will hold.

10 year old Prabhgeet from Kolkata dreams of a Puja next year, where all normalcy will be restored. May we celebrate it with gratitude, without fear, hand in hand with friends and family.

Sara reads stories for kids by young writer Prabhgeet Kaur Bookosmia

Prabhgeet is an enthusiastic reader and is a keen writer to pen down her thoughts in the form of poetry and stories. She aims to be a successful writer in her life.


Fear in the air and mask on each ones face,
This year, how will the festivities take place?

Covid19 gave us a new way to celebrate Durga Puja this year,
Everyone is indoors because of the virus fear.
Then and now has a huge comparison in between,
Such a Durga Puja has never been seen.
Then, the night would change into day,
Now, there is no merriment. Everyone is at bay.
Then, there used to be enormous pandals made,
Now, the law restrains and orders cannot be disobeyed.
Then, there would be wonderful lighting and glare,
Now, the lighting if any, is rare.
Then, all areas remained choc-a-blocked,
Now, each one is sitting at home, locked.
Then, it was a good time for food vendors,
Now, eating out is danger.
One day we will certainly say bye to our invisible enemy,
And will celebrate Durga puja next year with great fervour, surely!


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  1. Hey Prabhgeet, This is a wonderful poem. Yes! Surely one day we will celebrate Durga Puja outdoors, we just have to fight in this pandemic and with the virus, Next year I hope we will meet soon and this poem encourages us to fight with this virus and have victory! From your friend, Aishwarika

  2. Wonderful comparison, very evocative. Looking to the future with faith that we may truly be able to hold hands with friends & family and pray and celebrate unabashedly. To not be restrained and allow ourselves to immerse in the festivities with complete gay abandon. Well done Prabhgeet!

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