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My Sweet Tooth| Poem by Drishana,13,Chennai

Love sweets? Do watch out and don’t eat too many, writes 13-year-old Drishana from Chennai 

My sweet tooth poem kids bookosmia

The teeth which shined,

Was haughtily mine ,

That pale shade of white ,

Added to my delight .


But now when I see , 

It looks like wounded knee ,

With some black cavity ,

Disabling me to glee .


 Sweets and chocolates ,

 Toffees and marmalades ,

They are the reason ,

I faced this treason .


It was time to return that glow ,

I brushed my teeth ,

For three minutes in a row ,

My toothpaste acting as a sheath .


And now when I smile ,

It is spotted from miles , 

I am allowed to glee,

Which people can see .

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