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Prachi Kothari

10 Years

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Children's Academy Group of Schools


My Special Christmas| Poem by Prachi,10, Mumbai

The Christmas and New Year festivities help us make some special memories, however grim the year before. Here is 10 year old Prachi Kothari from Mumbai, sharing with us what made her year end festivities special.


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Prachi Kothari started off, writing a small poem as her homework  and then reached great heights. She now writes poems as well as  fascinating kids stories. She has a passion for writing motivational poems. She has two books, “Rainbow in the sky” and “The blooming flowers.” Prachi is a student of Children’s Academy Group of Schools(Malad)



Poem-My Special Christmas

In the chilly morning, the shiny blue sky

I went out to play in the snow but something happened as if in a sci-fi,

A golden spot lit as I touched my feet to snow.


I flew far away from that golden glow

I bounced on a roller which had attractive gifts,

And cute little elves were working hard and had red rosy lips

“Ho ho ho,” spoke a voice

While I was still on the roller with no joy.


The voice was Santa Claus’s, wearing his peculiar red cap

And in his hands, a big bag with an arresting wrap,

But in no seconds before I could ask Santa any question,

I reached my home back with popping questions, “Was it fiction?”

The day was Christmas and we kept sock and cookies,

And decorated the Christmas tree.


With shining, dangling bells

And with colourful glistening stars,

I felt this Christmas was the best.

And I slept wondering, what would happen next

I always wished if I had a telescope,

Or a going-to-space rope


The next wintry morning I woke up,

I opened the gift and it was incredible,

I got the telescope I had always wished for.


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