Nandini Bhamare

14 Years

53 Years

Horizon Academy, Gangapur Road, Nasik


‘My School Teacher’ Poem by 14 year old Nandini Bhamare from Nasik

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Today I would like to write about my school teacher,
She is always kind and generous and this is her special feature.
She always teaches us the importance to learn,
And not just a medium to earn.
Calm and peaceful is her nature,
And I know that she is the ‘only one’ made by the creator,
Calm, peaceful, gentle hearted, caring and loving are her qualities,
Which ‘HE’ didn’t gave to any other creature.
Her main aim is to spread importance of education,
She is the only one who taught us the proper meaning of densification.
During exam she gives us a special tonic,
She always says, “Beta, don’t study everything,
The thing you just need to do is don’t panic.”
She always says that money is not the thing which everyone needs,
The most important things are our deeds.
She is the only one who made us learn that everything is possible if we have might,
And what to write about her auspicious face which is always very bright.
Oh LORD! Please let everyone get a teacher like mine, I insist,
And the loving and caring heart with which she persists.
Whenever she enters our classroom,
There will be no signs of gloom,
Everyone’s face starts to bloom.
She taught me to be confident,
I could do it if I tried,
And taught me to to take everything in stride.
You must be keen to know who this teacher is,
The one and only Nazima .
For all it is plain to see,
I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me.
I am sorry if I was wrong somewhere,
I know you are the one finding happiness everywhere.


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