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My Parents – My First Teachers | Bookosmia

My parents - My first teachers

My parents - My first teachers


My parents are my first teachers,

They made me a success reacher!


They taught me to be bold,

Even in the frosty cold.


They preach the message of love,

And to them I always owe.


Me, they always support,

Even when I have something bad to report!


Them, I will always love

But, wait, I am not finished with the flowing love!


They taught me everything

From A,B,C to a dangerous swing.


Even in the beach

The good they always teach.


With them I will always have fun,

On the path of success, with me they will always run.


They will always be in my heart,

I know they will be with me in every new start!


They are my lifetime teachers

Also, my finest teachers.

My parents, my most precious teachers!!


My parents - My first teachers





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