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My Mother, My Angel | Bookosmia

My Mother, My Angel

And till now, when it rains heavy
My soul shatters, I fall
There’s complete chaos all around
As the world stops for a moment.

When exist some scary sounds from somewhere
Some strange faces or even the dark
Fake people who break me into pieces
The failures which push me hard.

A hope of light in the form of an angel
The relieving hugs and the tender kisses
The curve of smile that sets my life perfect
Those arms which make me feel secure.

That fragrance that makes the sorrows fade
The hands that cook, the yummiest food
The lady who keeps my life balanced,
The way my life should be.

Keeping me calm through the rain
Fixing my soul, picking me up
To face any life battle fiercely
Ignoring the chaos,
Teaching me the art of living.

Protecting me from every negativity
Praying for my success day and night
Oh my god! She’s so loving
Here’s to the lady who does so much for me
Her unconditional love is as limitless as the sea.

My Mother, My Angel

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