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My Magical Dream House- Essay

Dream House Read with Sara Bookosmia

I want to share with you how my dream house should be. My dream house’s name would be Magical Krishnav’s  House. It would be located in cool, pleasant weather with lots of trees and plants around.


My dream house should be built like a palace where everything could be  possible, like fly in a room where there is no gravity. My house should be huge. It should be luxurious with ten floors or more. The house should be located far  from where we live. There should be tranquility and happiness with lots of tree and plants.


The house’s wall should be such that when I put my hand it should soak in and  whatever I am thinking of at that time, will appear in my hands. I should be able to pull it and get in my hands. My room should be full of sports things. The  wallpapers should have pictures of my favorite sports stars with a spacious area having a Foosball table and many more things.


One should be able to hear sounds of my pet animals from my bedroom. My  whole family would stay in here and everyone would have their own room.


Smell of different food restaurants should be in here like Dominos, Zaranj and  many more. For elders it could be anything they want to eat but for me, there  will be only pizza and some desserts. The house would have a big chocolate  and water swimming pool.


It would have a huge gaming room filled with sports and video games and a  separate lawn tennis court. There would be a separate library with millions of  books which we can read.  The windows should be made with ice cream which  will always be cold and never melt.


At the backyard there should be a big garden where I can play cricket and we all can go for morning walks. There should be a small mystery room in the  basement. And at end which is very important, a big temple in the garden where we could go to pray.


This is how I want my dream  house to be.


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