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My house, my home | Blog by 11 year old from Pathankot

What does your home mean to you? 11 year old Kinjal Bhardwaj from Pathankot takes us on a sweet tour to her house!

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The fragrance of roses is what I think of when I think of my house. This is the place where I feel most comfortable.  Visitors find my house comfortable too.
I am lucky to have a house because many people in India suffer from poverty and do not have much money to buy or make a house.
My home is situated in a small colony which is full of greenery. Nature is my everything and that’s where my house is in the midst of. Whenever I feel angry or sad I go outside my room and see the wonders of nature.
My abode is my heaven. It has many rooms. In front we have a small garden with butterflies, roses,leaves, trees and many species of plants.Life is all about knowing the world . But my house is all about knowing me , understanding me and believing in me . In my dream, my house was talking to me.
One day, in my dream, my house was talking to me! OMG! What a fantasy! House is a place where family lives together. My house brings our family together.
During holidays, we clean our house and it looks so beautiful. You know, I do stone painting and place them in my garden. They look real!
In my house, I have a commanding officer –  my study table- which strictly tells me to study and prepares me for my exams. I love my house and I promise to keep it clean forever.

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  1. Pretty kinjal bhardwaj what a essay my house my are quite amazing and possess appreciable writing are truly a gifted child.may god bless you to achieve your goals in life.keep it up.

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