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My Friend Hritika | Poem by Prisha,15, Kolkata

What does friendship mean to you? 15 year- old Prisha Bhatt from Kolkata writes a poem for her best friend, who is like a soulmate to her.

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She’s not just my best friend,

But also the thread to my kite.

She’s my soulmate!

Someone who helps me choose outfits for a date.

She knows how to make me laugh,

When I know I’m about to break down.

She’s the answer to my every doubt,

The one who helps me hold up my crown!

She’s like oxygen to my lungs,

She knew me inside out within just months,

She’s my soldier

And I’m her protector.

She’s the reason I survive

And probably the only reason I smile.

The one who holds my hand through a panic attack,

The one who keeps me going every time I fall back.

She wipes my tears through tough times,

She hears me rant nine hundred and ninety- nine times!

In my dark room, she’s like a ball of light,

She’s the only one for whom I’d fight.

She’s not just my best friend,

For me, she’s almost a God-send.

There’s no one like Hritika,

Because she’s not only a blessing, she’s an absolute miracle!

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