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My Father My Hero| Poem by 12 year old from Bhubaneswar

Ahead of Fathers’ Day, 12 year old Praaptie from Bhubaneswar pens this beautiful poem for her dad. What are you doing for Father’s day?

my father poem bookosmia
Holding my palm you introduced me to the new
Good and bad, right and wrong, I learnt from you
Wiping my tears you taught me to smile
you can feel my pain from a mile
Whenever mum scolds, you always defend
You are my strongest armour and my best friend
The love and care you have showered I can never repay
I love you million times more than words can ever say
You are my superhero dad, though you can’t fly
You have given me wings so that I can soar high
So unselfish your love is and so priceless
Thank you so much dad for treating me like a princess
When I grow up you may not hold me in your arm
but the shield of your love will protect me from all harm
You are always there for me through good times and bad
So blessed I am for having you as my dad
You are my real hero dad for all that you have done
If there was a best father award surely you would have won.
(Father’s Day special)

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