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My Dog – My Best Friend | Bookosmia

My dog - My best friend


My dog - My best friend

If my dog could talk, I know what he would say,

“Get my meal, before I go to play.”

He loves to bath in water and jump in clay,

And when he wants to stick his tongue outside the window, he commands me to get the Chevrolet.

He apparently tells my younger brother,

“Never to go out alone,”

And he goes round and around my Dad,

Saying “Please get me a bone”.

He never lets our poor kitty, touch his bed,

Shouting and growling, “Touch little kitty and you’ll be dead.”

Playing whole day and guarding the house,

At times he even threatens the mailman, “You enter and I’ll throw a mouse.”

He is my best friend and guardian of our home,

But every time my mom opens a parcel,

He begs her for the styrofoam!


My dog - My best friend


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