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My Cats Make My Life Happier | Blog by Kaavya, 11, Dombivli

How do you take care of your pet? 11-year-old Kaavya from Dombivli adopted three cats and shares why they are precious to her, in this blog.

cat pets kids blog bookosmia

Having a pet comes with a lot of benefits. I will be talking about a specific pet, a cat. You might wonder how I know about cats and their benefits. Yes, I did research but there is one more thing. Believe it or not, I have three cats. So, this topic is great for me. 

If we have a cat, we will have a pest-free house. Mice won’t sneak in the house as they are afraid of cats. Cats also kill bugs and insects. My cat also loves doing this and so does every cat in the whole world. 

Cats keep mouse away blog kids Bookosmia

Cats give us company and help us in reducing our anxiety. We don’t feel lonely. In an Australian cat study conducted in 2015, it was observed that people having cats are more positive and happy about their lives.

cats as companions kids blog bookosmia

So, the more cats, the merrier. I never feel lonely with my three cats. No one feels lonely when they have a furry, little cat in the house. 

Taking care of a cat requires little work. They self-clean and do not need walks. They don’t need to go outside to attend nature’s call. Instead, you can place a litter box in a corner of the house and let them use it.

Pet Cat grooming blog kids bookosmia

They don’t require any training and can entertain themselves. On the other hand, dogs are the exact opposite. They need baths, trims, walks twice a day, and training. They need constant attention, toys, and need to be entertained. Cats are also quiet as compared to dogs. Dogs bark loudly but cats won’t. You won’t even notice when they eat and drink because they are quiet and stealthy. I almost lost my cat once due to her quiet nature. 

cat pets kids blog bookosmia

By adopting a cat, we can save its life. It could be traumatizing for cats at the shelter or on the roads. They can also be saved from a dangerous situation. One of my cats, Bhilu, was saved from an engine. And the other cat, Lulu, was found in a trash can. Hence, you can also become a hero by adopting a cat. 

My life is much happier because of my three fluffy furballs.  


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