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Motivation: After darkness comes the sun| Poem by 16 year old from Tamluk

Need a pick-me-up? 16 year old Bidisha from Tamluk injects just the dose of optimism we need for the week with her poem.
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God didn’t grant them, because He plans
To bring you something you can’t even imagine!

When cloud covers the stars, you feel sad,
But when the sky clears, the moon shines
More beautiful and bright than all stars!

Why grieve when your dreams are shattered?
They are gone because they were too small
Compared to what is going to come true!

When the sun is hidden behind clouds, you are
Afraid of darkness, but then the lightning flashes
More bright and dazzling than the hidden sun!

When sorrows surround you, why feel broken?
They have come because they want to surprise you
With the joy and delight awaiting ahead!

Rise like a phoenix out of the ash of pain.
If sadness engulf you like an abyss of coal
Shine like diamond in that darkness!

Every heartbreak is a reminder of upcoming joy,
So never be dejected, dear friend,
Be brave, and wait for the paradise ahead!

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