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Mother Nature’s Kind Heart | Bookosmia

Mother Earth
When life began,
Her children, the animals walked across her,
At night, the moon would send its cool rays to her.
Mother Nature was in a long slumber,
Which would be broken by the rain,
Cleansing her and washing away the gloominess.
When the humans arrived,
She gave generously,
But they responded by killing her children.
Many of the trees and animals vanished,
But she stayed kind.
They mined her and divided her
 And hunted for pleasure,
But she was still strong.
As she grew weaker,
She found solace in the moon’s rays,
The moon whispered to the humans about her fate.
The humans started to become kinder and protected her,
Her heart gave a leap of joy,
Her fate was thankfully not sealed yet…
Mother Earth


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