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Monster Attack – A Town Fights Back | Bookosmia

Monster attack - A town fights back

It was a fine morning I was eating some bacon and eggs. Did I introduce myself? I am Trave.


“A monster the size of two Boeing 747’s is heading towards Middletown,” screamed the anchor at the news channel. That’s where we lived!


Monster attack - A town fights back


Mom said we have to run. I asked her if we could take my best friend Ibrahim and his family too as they don’t have a car.


“For the strong to survive, the weak must be sacrificed,” said my mom. But on my insistence, she agreed.


We reached there and collected some supplies.


“So where are we headed to mom?”


“Your soccer academy. It has a huge safe house behind it right?”




So I was about to tell you that I like to play soccer. Ibrahim and I learnt to play soccer together. He is way better at soccer than me.


Monster attack - A town fights back


When we reached the safe house, my mom called my dad. In this hurry, I forgot that my dad was coming back after a Navy trip.


At first glance, we saw people renovating the safe house. When we went in, we saw that the majority of Middletown was there.


While everyone was looking at the number of people present there, I was looking at the mouth-watering pizzas! All fast food outlets had brought their food here and they were having a 99% off on everything!


Monster attack - A town fights back


Soon, a man came with a TV. Ibrahim wanted to watch cartoons to cool his mind. When he turned on the television, a reporter for National TV said, “Hello everyone! It is me, Terence and we just got the news that the monster terrifying Middletown has mutated! Now it produces medium-sized killer mosquitoes.”


Monster attack - A town fights back


Horrified by the news, people started screaming. Terence added that it is heading toward NDG Soccer field after it destroyed the city of Middletown.”



Oh! This was the only place left in Middletown. If it was destroyed where would we go? Then a man suggested that we go back to our houses. what if it was not completely destroyed? We thought it was a great idea and headed home.




When we reached Ibrahim’s house, it was shattered! Then we went to our house and saw half the house was gone. But my dad was standing there!


After all that happened that day, I was finally happy. Then my mom got an alert that said the giant monster was coming our way.


We rushed out of there but the monster chased us. We ran into my dad’s friend. He said that he was going to a military checkpoint with tanks and armed personnel. We took my dad’s friend with us.




When we reached the checkpoint we saw that the monster was behind us. We thought we outran it but the truth was it followed us all the way. The personnel readied the tanks and they fired. The tanks blew half of the monster. Yay! But then a man noticed the monster regenerating its body. My dad realized that it was because of the powers of the necklace it wore.


My dad aimed at the necklace. It cracked then the monster roared and it was sealed into that necklace. Mission accomplished! Together, we had defeated the monster!


Monster attack - A town fights back






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