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SSM Public School, Thyagarajnagar


Monsoon Diary | Beautiful blog by Pravallika,14, Bangalore

14-year-old Pravallika shares such a vibrant and visual account of a monsoon day that you would wish it would rain down, right now. Read her blog.

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Dear Diary,
Today was so good!
First I enjoyed learning and spending time with my friends at school.Then walking back home was even more fun today! Do u know why? Because it rained!!
Who doesn’t love rain duh? Rain literally freshens everyone by making the climate fresh and pleasant. It also brings in a sigh of relief from the scorching heat! Yes, in fact. I love rain. The more rain, the more thunder, the more wind, the better!
I was a little bored walking back home from school, but kept myself busy looking at people. And yes, people were as busy as a bee! On my right, I saw a little boy with a backpack on, running down the street without an unbrella and then a group of college students waiting under a shop’s roof ,talking and giggling. On my left was a huge car trying it’s best to get past the huge puddle of water and others  shouting and arguing because of  traffic! Two friends sipping coffee and relaxing. A mother helping her child put on a raincoat. With this,I could tell there was a lot of things going on!
rainy day kids blog bookosmia
 Then I finally came home really tired and directly went off to sleep!
Soon, I was busy dreaming in my sleep when I suddenly heard a huge thunder. So I woke up anxiously and it was around 5:30 pm still raining!
Rains - Hot tea, snacks and muddy puddles
Finally,it was time to study and of course I had to! Later, while studying, something tempted me to peep into the kitchen. As I looked, I found my Amma making hot bajjis! Omg bajjis on a rainy day is a must! Without any further ado, I grabbed two hot-hot bajjis and ran to the balcony and also could sense a smile on my mom’s face for my naughtiness!
I stood in my balcony for a long, long time, watching the rain. All I could do was appreciate its beauty! The pitter-patter of the raindrops, the wind, the petrichor and all of it coming together- felt just beautiful. I am sure that rain always brings a sense of connection along with it.
“The best thing one can do when it’s raining, is to let it rain!
Rainy season - Why do rains make us poets?

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